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A cookie is small text file containing information regarding your visit of the website, stored in your PC, phone or other devices.

The aim of this Cookie Policy is to provide a better web site/application experience and to ensure that it runs smoothly, to provide a better user experience and to allow for the optimization of the website in order to enable a better and compatible advertisement service. Cookies are also used to remember your preferences (such as country, language etc) during your website visit.

As per this Cookie Policy, the Cookies used by this website as the main source of gathering information and the browsers “Local Storage” area are used for the same purpose. Hence, all information noted in this section is also used for “Local Storage”. We do not store your special personal data such as address, password, credit or debit card information within the Cookies.

Right to Avoid Using Cookies at the Website

In light of the above, if you do not want to use Cookies, you will first need to disable cookie trackers from your web browser and then delete all cookie stored in your browser from this website. You can exercise this option at any time, to stop the usage of cookies.

Disabling Cookie Usage

By following the steps noted above, you can, at any time, change your browser settings and disable, prevent or delete cookies sent from this website. Although all browsers have different settings, Cookies are generally filed under either “Preferences” or “Tools” sections of the menu. To obtain more information regarding cookie preferences, please check the “Help” section of your browser.

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