Information Security Policy

Locpick’s information security policy consists of these goals created in order to protect the company’s reliability, reputation and information assets and keep the disruption of the supporting work activities to a minimum:

  • To protect the information assets the company processes, keeps and shares with other organizations in accordance with principles of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility,
  • To manage information assets; to determine the security values, needs and risks of these assets, to improve the management system set up to control security risks and sustain this improvement,
  • To assess the risks arising from company and activities and determine necessities and opportunities for continuous improvement in line with the company’s mission and vision,
  • To follow and keep up with the technological advances within our industry,
  • To ensure the continuity of activities by reducing information security risks,
  • To comply with relevant national and international regulations, legal and legislative requirements, liabilities arising from agreements and corporate responsibilities towards internal and external stakeholders,
  • To possess the competency to intervene rapidly in cases related to information security and minimize their impact,
  • To protect the information security level in due course through a cost-effective control infrastructure,
  • To increase the company’s reputation and protect it from negative incidences,
  • To train the employees in information security in order for them to have the necessary awareness and skills, provide the necessary support in integration with other management systems and become a model company in its field.

Each Locpick employee is responsible for upholding these standards and contributing to these goals.